Schauenburg Flexadux Corporation

2233 Sanford Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Phone: 970-245-9400
Fax: 970-245-9402


Schauenburg Flexadux Corporation manufactures a complete line of ventilation products including Forced Air Ventilation Ducting, Cassette Systems for Tunneling, Flexible Wire Reinforced Suction Ducting Type SHL, Phenolic Fiberglass Ducting, Steel Ducting, Inflatable Stoppings, Fans, and Dust Collectors as well as fittings and adapters required to complete your ventilation system. In addition, we carry Brattice Line Curtains, Tarps, Brattice Cable Hangers, Powder Bags and Cushions. All of our ventilation products are MSHA approved for underground use. In addition Schauenburg has introduced a line of gas detection instruments for handheld and machine mounted applications.