Pinnacol Assurance

7501 East Lowry Boulevard
Denver, CO 80230

Phone: 303-361-4789
Fax: 303-361-5785


Pinnacol Assurance has been here for Colorado businesses since the earliest days of workers’ compensation insurance. Over the years, the company has grown from industry pioneer to Colorado’s choice for workers’ compensation and today insures more than 55,000 policyholders. Pinnacol is committed to responsible pricing practices, remains the assured choice for those businesses unable to obtain coverage, and since 2005 has issued general dividends totaling nearly $350 million dollars to the Colorado community. Additionally, since 2006 the company has reduced rates by more than 50 percent, putting more than $230 million dollars back into policyholders’ pockets. Pinnacol’s financial stability, strong surplus and dedication to Colorado workers continue to make it a mainstay in the marketplace.