Natural Soda, Inc.

3200 Country Road 31
Rifle, CO 81650

Phone: 970-456-1268

Natural Soda produces pure, natural sodium bicarbonate from its extensive nahcolite leases which cover more than 9,400 acres. Our processing facility is located in the Piceance Creek Basin in Colorado. The Piceance Creek Basin contains North America’s only known significant deposit of nahcolite and Natural Soda is currently the only company taking advantage of this world class resource. For customers and distributors, this means our recovered nahcolite guarantees you a pure and reliable source of natural sodium bicarbonate.

To recover this natural sodium bicarbonate, the company uses a process of injecting hot water into the nahcolite beds, dissolving the nahcolite, returning the saturated brine to the operation and recrystallizing pure sodium bicarbonate crystals as the hot brine is cooled.

Natural Soda, with its access to this world-class natural resource, is a major producer of sodium bicarbonate products to the food, pharmaceutical, industrial and animal feed markets. We produce pure, high quality sodium bicarbonate while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the protection of the environment.