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Government Affairs & Advocacy

Government Affairs & Advocacy

Since the establishment of the Colorado Mining Association in 1876, the trade association has been proactive in government affairs at the local, state and national level for the Colorado Mining Industry. 

Due to the longevity of CMA, we are able to show our members not only our commitment to the mining industry, but our tireless work to advocate in support of laws and policies that encourage growth in the mining industry. CMA is the voice of mining throughout Colorado and the west.

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CMA positions on 2018 Colorado Ballot Measures

The Colorado Mining Association’s (CMA) Board of Directors took the following positions on the 2018 Colorado ballot measure based upon a number of factors including impact on CMA members’ operations, previous CMA policy position, views of other business organizations, and in the communities where our members work. Finally, CMA supports policy positions that promote the economic health of the entire state of Colorado as we are active economic contributors to Colorado’s economy.


CMA supports Amendments Y and Z creating independent commissions overseeing the drawing of Congressional and legislative districts.


CMA opposes the following amendments:


Amendment 73—Funding for Education


CMA supports public education in Colorado and our member companies have established strong partnerships with the surrounding schools.


CMA President Stan Dempsey, Jr states: “Amendment 73 proposes to put bad tax policy into an already cluttered Colorado Constitution.”


Amendment 73 unfairly taxes one group of taxpayers (those with tax liability over $150,000) in order to provide increased funding for every Colorado K-12 student. 

Amendment 73 will impact small businesses, especially Sub S corporations whose business earnings are taxed as personal income. Those entities would pay a dramatic increase in taxes—some at the maximum 8.25% level if their earnings exceed $500,000. 

CMA also questions the change to property tax provisions that lower the assessment rate for non-residential property for local educational funding while the rate remains at current levels for other governmental units, creating two separate assessment rates for the same property. 


Amendment 74—Compensation for Reduction in Fair Market Value by Government Law or Regulation


Description: Amendment 74 expands the current Constitutional provision and case law by adding language to the Constitution which states that “Private property shall not be taken, or damaged, or reduced in fair market value by government law or regulation for public or private use, without just compensation."

CMA opposes Amendment 74 because the measure does not define “fair market value” that would trigger the awarding of “fair compensation” for a government action. Defining the term “fair market value” will be left to the courts.

For CMA, the concern is that a local government decision to allow a mine or other mining-related activity objected to by a neighboring property owner could allow that property owner to claim that the local government’s land use decision reduced his property’s fair market value. 

CMA President Stan Dempsey states, “Amendment 74 creates another obstructionist tool those opposed to natural resource extraction could use to threaten a state or local government from making controversial land use decisions approving projects critical to our members. That’s why we join with other business organizations such as the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Association of Homebuilders in opposing this measure.” CMA is pleased to join many local governments and a diverse coalition in urging Colorado voters to knock down this obstructionist measure.

Amendment 112—Oil and Gas Setbacks

CMA joins many other business groups in opposing an arbitrary 2,500-foot setback for new oil and gas operations. Amendment 112 would render 85% of Colorado’s non-federal lands off limits to oil and gas development. CMA President Stan Dempsey, Jr. states, “Extracting $26 billion annually in state GDP, $1 billion in tax revenue and losing 147,800 jobs by 2030 is unacceptable and we know Colorado voters will overwhelmingly reject this effort to crush Colorado’s economy.” Dempsey added, “Our industry knows first hand how bad public policy decisions can affect the livelihood of many of the local communities on the western slope in which we operate.”


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