About Us

Colorado Mining Association Purpose and Overview

The Colorado Mining Association (CMA), established in 1876 and incorporated in 1897, is a trade association whose membership, totaling 1,050 which includes 215 companies, is composed of both small and large enterprises engaged in the exploration for, production and refining of, metals, coal, oil shale, and industrial minerals; firms that manufacture and distribute mining and mineral processing equipment and supplies; and other institutions providing services and supplies to the mineral industry.

The CMA, headquartered in Denver, serves as a spokesman for the mining industry in Colorado. The Association works in cooperation with other state and national mining associations, keeping the industry informed on pending state and federal legislation and promulgating constructive programs and actions that will adequately recognize and serve mining’s special problems and needs. It serves the industry on a wide range of subjects through the expertise of its members and member companies on standing, ad hoc, and select committees.


The objectives of the Colorado Mining Association are:

  1. To foster, promote, and develop the general welfare of the mineral resource industry in all its various branches, primarily within the State of Colorado; and
  2. To encourage and promote health and safety among persons actively engaged in the mineral resource industry; and
  3. To assist educational institutions and others by lending support to, and encouraging interest in, mineral resource education through such means as are available to the Association; and
  4. To interact with local, state, and federal governments in furthering and supporting the interest of the mineral resource industry; and
  5. To cooperate with other industries and trade associations in matters such as are not inimical to the interests of the Association; and
  6. To disseminate information on mining and mineral resources to all segments of the public; and
  7. To advise and counsel the membership relative to developments and trends within the mineral resource industry and within the various legislative bodies, national and state, which affect their welfare; and
  8. To plan and program such meetings as may be desirable, feasible, and of benefit to the membership and the mineral resource industry; and
  9. To conduct and engage in ail lawful activities in furtherance of the foregoing purposes and those incidental thereto.

Structure and Management

The Association is governed by a board of directors comprised of executives from companies and individuals engaged in the mining industry. Board members are elected each year at the annual meeting by the membership. The board establishes policies and approves the various programs and activities of the Association.

The Association operates on a balanced budget, approved annually. The budget is financed through individual and sustaining (company) membership dues.

The management of the Association is controlled by the Chairman of the Board and a five-member Executive Committee, as set forth in the bylaws. The daily administration of the Association’s activities is under the supervision of the president and secretary appointed by the board of directors annually.

The Association officers, directors, committee chairmen, members serve without compensation.