Newmont’s Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine Earns ‘Best of Best’ Environmental Stewardship Award – News Release

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Newmont’s Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine Earns ‘Best of Best’ Environmental Stewardship Award


Denver, CO – At an awards ceremony held February 21st during the 119th annual National Western Mining Conference and Exhibition in Denver, the Colorado Mining Association (CMA) honored winners of the Environmental Stewardship and Pollution Prevention Awards for 2016.   Conference attendees at the awards banquet gathered to celebrate the very best mining company technologies and programs designed and implemented to protect the environment.


For the second straight year, Newmont’s Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine’s Cresson Project took the top “Best of  Best” award for its leadership in recycling and repurposing materials used by the operation.  The Cripple Creek and Victor Cresson Project continues to build upon its strong tradition of community support, demonstrating leadership in eliminating waste, repurposing materials used on site and recycling. The mine’s work with the Young Environmental Stewards (YES) program to establish small mammal and bird habitat values on reclaimed land also was noteworthy.

The YES program represents an outstanding example of community engagement and youth environmental education.


CMA President Stan Dempsey, Jr. congratulated the company and its employees stating “Cripple Creek and Victor’s Cresson Project stands as a wonderful example of a modern mining operation developing and implementing innovative and responsible environmental practices.”


The CMA initially created the award-winning program under a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Pollution Prevention Program.  The association developed a first-of-its-kind Code of Pollution Prevention and Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for the mining industry in Colorado.  In 2003, CMA earned a “Friend of EPA” award because “the program directly supports and assists EPA in performing its mission to protect public health and the environment.”


Founded in 1876, the CMA is an industry organization , whose more than 900 members include the producers of coal and other minerals throughout Colorado, the west and the world.   The association also counts within its membership both individuals and organizations providing equipment, services, supplies and other support to the industry.