Election Countdown – Mine the Vote

With 24 days to go to Election Day, we all should be thinking about how we get the mining community to the polls on November 8. There is a lot at stake for our industry. Control of the Congress and the oversight and regulatory agenda is up for grabs. The Senate races are so close now that key votes in key states will determine the Senate majority for 2017. In the House, the GOP’s historically high majority will go down, but by how much? The makeup of the House will determine if we can continue to pass or block legislation that will have an impact on the mining community.

Why is it so important to reach out to your employees, vendors and community partners before the election? Trust.

A survey of employees by the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) rated employers to be the most credible source for information about election issues affecting their job, company and industry. More than one third (35%) thought their employer was the most credible source for such information, compared to 16% who considered media and news to be the most credible source and 12% who considered the political parties as most credible.

In the era of the never-ending news cycle, constant spin and parties in flux, employees are searching for information that they can trust and help ensure that they will be an informed voter by election day.

You can provide sought-after election information by utilizing National Mining Association’s Mine the Vote program. Mine the Vote makes it easy for you to engage your employees, vendors and community partners with information about:

  • Voter registration
  • Early voting
  • Absentee ballots
  • Polling locations
  • Candidate and party issue comparisons
  • Candidate voting records on mining issues
  • Lawmaker supported by NMA PACs

I have attached a draft email you can forward to your employees, vendors and others that describes Mine the Vote and how to get on the site and get involved.

We are also making hard copies of the following available upon your request:

  • Mine the Vote Posters that can be displayed on bulletin boards at headquarters and operations sites;
  • Flyers that can be handed out at company and community events; and
  • Hard hat stickers.

Just send us the location, address, and contact information where you want the materials shipped.

For more information on the Mine the Vote program, or to discuss how to promote Mine the Vote throughout your company and business network, please contact Matthew Roper at mroper@nma.org or (202) 463-2633.


Story courtesy of National Mining Association.