CMA to Denver Post – CMA Supports Good Samaritan and Reasonable Mining Reform

In a letter to the editor, CMA President Stuart Sanderson and President-elect Stan Dempsey, Jr., refuted the Denver Post’s claim in a recent editorial “EPA Culpable But Not Alone in Gold King Mine Mess,” that the mining industry does not support reasonable reform of the Mining Laws.    At the same time, CMA credited the Post with correctly citing the industry’s long support for Good Samaritan clean up legislation.

A link to the published letter is available here

Letter to the Editor – July 31 Editorial “EPA Culpable but not alone on Gold King Mine Mess”

The editorial “EPA Culpable but not alone in Gold King Mine Mess” correctly cites the Colorado Mining Association’s (CMA) longstanding support of efforts to incentivize clean ups of abandoned mines through Good Samaritan legislation.    Industry is already partnering with conservation interests on mine remediation efforts throughout Colorado and the west.   Our companies have won numerous awards for outstanding environmental practices.   While more is needed, it is clear that the industry and its expertise must become a part of the solution.

The editorial, however, mischaracterizes the mining industry’s position on reforming the Mining Laws.     Industry has long supported reasonable reform that does not saddle modern mining companies – which already operate under the most robust environmental and safety standards – with prohibitions and unreasonable costs designed to stop mining in the United States.    To be clear and set the record straight, industry has supported legislation which included royalties on mineral production.