CMA Responds to Media Inquiries Regarding Impact of Gov. Hickenlooper’s Carbon Emissions Executive Order

In recent articles published in the Denver Post and Co Springs Gazette, CMA stressed the importance of considering ALL consequences (including those to rural Colorado) that the Governor’s Executive Order to cut carbon emissions will have in our state.

CMA was quoted in both papers below.

Denver Post:

Colorado Mining Association president-elect Stan Dempsey said current policies discouraging coal production are hurting rural Coloradans.

“We’re looking at this and have sent it to our members, looking at the impact it would have on clean, abundant Colorado coal as well as what impact it would have on rates,” Dempsey said. “What is the policy goal here?”

Denver Post: Guv seeks 35% drop in carbon emissions


Co Springs Gazette: “We’re looking at it in terms of the impact such an executive order would have on the future of Colorado’s local communities … how it would affect the Colorado coal industry and impacts on electric rates for all Coloradans,” Dempsey said.

Gazette: Governor might order ambitious cuts in Colorado’s carbon emissions