Clean Power Plan Budget Busted

Republican legislators in Colorado took a budget axe to the state’s Air Pollution Control Division after the Governor called for continuation of CPP development despite the February 9 stay.  Republicans on the Joint Budget Committee initially attempted to identify and cut funds deemed attributable to planning efforts.  Failing to gain the necessary votes from their Democrat counterparts, the Republicans then declined to approve the Division’s entire budget.  As the State’s $27 billion budget bill moved forward through the House, majority Democrats restored full funding to the Division, sending the bill to the Senate where majority Republicans removed $250,000. While a conference committee ultimately restored some of that cut, the three-week drama provided robust floor debate.  Republicans repeatedly spoke out over damage inflicted on Colorado’s coal mining communities by the federal war on coal, echoing media outreach provided by CMA through newspaper columns and commentary. The Division has since stated publicly that it 1) will not submit an initial plan to EPA in September 2016, and 2) will not submit any plan until legally required to do so.