Good News – Governor Urges Go Ahead for Trapper Mine

In a letter sent to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell April 6, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper urged the timely completion and approval of a court ordered Environmental Assessment of the end use impacts of coal produced at the mine.

“The recommended course of action from the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation & Enforcement (OSMRE) is a Finding of Significant Environmental Impact,” Hickenlooper said.   “I believe that a thoughtful and detailed analysis of Trapper Mine and its impacts occurred through this process, and urge a timely review and approval of the Proposed Action and Mine Plan by the (court ordered) deadline of April 30, 2016,” he added.

CMA applauded Hickenlooper’s letter, and urges Secretary Jewell to approve the study, which will allow the Trapper mine to continue mining without interruption.  The letter may be accessed here.