CMA News Release: Supreme Court Stay Means EPA Carbon Rules’ Days Are Numbered


February 10, 2016


Contact: Stuart Sanderson
(303) 575-9199


Denver, CO – The Colorado Mining Association (CMA) said that yesterday’s decision by the United States Supreme Court to stay the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) carbon regulations means that the regulations, the most sweeping and expensive rules in the history of the Clean Air Act, will have a short life span.   Stuart Sanderson, CMA President, called upon Colorado to immediately suspend all efforts to implement what is obviously a “flawed and illegal regulatory program.”

“Colorado has attempted to justify mandates for higher cost energy sources and higher electricity rates on the false premise that it was making progress toward the goals that EPA was likely to set,” Sanderson said. “That premise was utterly destroyed by yesterday’s ruling, indicating that the Obama plan to jack electricity rates through a federal takeover of the electric grid is doomed,” he added.

The ruling also confirms what CMA has been saying all along; that costs matter as does the rule of law.

CMA praised the leadership of Attorney General Cynthia Coffman for stepping up, along with 27 states, to challenge the EPA rules.   Notwithstanding challenges and criticism by those who stand to benefit from higher cost energy, General Coffman’s actions will help protect Colorado consumers from skyrocketing electricity prices.

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