Stuart Sanderson, CMA President, Outlines Future for Mining in Animas Aftermath

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Immediately prior to the St. Barbara’s awards ceremony, CMA President Stuart Sanderson, addressed the future of mining in the aftermath of the August 2015 spill caused by the Environmental Protection Agency at the Gold King Mine.  He took aim at efforts by anti-mining groups to capitalize on the events at Gold King to call for more taxes and regulations on the mining industry.   “Modern mining operations are not part of the problem,” Sanderson told the 150 mining professionals who gathered at the luncheon, “modern mining is the solution and has the 21st century expertise and technology to contribute to Good Samaritan clean ups of Colorado’s historic mine legacy.”   Removing the disincentives to participation by both mining companies and not for profit organizations in addressing this legacy is the best solution.   “For that reason,” he added, “Congress must enact Good Samaritan legislation without delay, and not saddle such a bill with punitive measures to amend the modern mining laws that govern both exploration and development of the nation’s mineral resources.”