CMA News Release: Colorado Joining Challenge to EPA Carbon Grab

CMA News Release: Colorado Joining Challenge to EPA Carbon Grab

CMA-News-Release-LogoAugust 29, 2015


Contact: Dianna Orf
(303) 324-8825


The Colorado Mining Association commends Attorney General Cynthia Coffman for her leadership in joining other states which challenge the EPA’s carbon regulations. By joining this lawsuit, General Coffman seeks to protect Colorado consumers from skyrocketing electricity prices as well as increased costs for all goods and services that are produced using electricity.

The EPA regulations are legally flawed, will cost Colorado jobs, and threaten the reliability of the electrical grid by mandating a wholesale restructuring of our electricity system for no appreciable benefit to the climate. General Coffman’s announcement also demonstrates that Colorado is prepared to uphold the rule of law against a federal carbon regulatory scheme that is unprecedented in its over-reach of the authority provided under the Clean Air Act.

In its final rule, The EPA rules require Colorado to meet an even more stringent goal for reduction in carbon emissions from power plants, moving from 35% to 40%. This is unrealistic and represents an unwarranted burden on Colorado citizens and the economy. The final plan places an even heavier reliance on adding more intermittent energy to the system while further reducing the use of coal, our most affordable and reliable source for baseload electricity generation.

Notwithstanding statements by some officials that ‘Colorado is ahead of the curve’ in meeting the Plan’s requirements, the plain and simple truth is that this is a costly, complex plan that will result in higher utility bills for all consumers and will cost jobs in coal mining, coal transportation, electric utilities, manufacturing, and a host of other industries. And all for a climate impact of less than 2/100 of a degree.

CMA is an industry association founded in 1876, whose more than 1,000 members include the producers of coal and other minerals throughout the west, as well as vendors and service providers to Colorado’s $8.8 billion industry.

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