NMA Response to Sierra Club-Bloomberg Anti-Coal Campaign


NMA Memorandum

TO: Energy Policy Task Force
Coal Communicators
FROM: Nancy Gravatt, Senior Vice President, Communications
DATE: April 8, 2015
SUBJECT: NMA Response to Sierra Club-Bloomberg Anti-Coal Campaign
NMA Response to NY Times Op Ed on  Coal Leasing Program

The Sierra Club in concert with Michael Bloomberg today is publicizing further funding of the Club’s ongoing Beyond Coal campaign.  NMA issued the following statement to the media nationwide. Please share this broadly with all audiences including through social media channels.

This morning, the New York Times published NMA President and CEO Hal Quinn’s letter rebutting an op ed critical of the coal leasing program by David Hayes and James Stock.

The letter explains the significant benefits to taxpayers and electricity ratepayers of the U.S. coal leasing program.  It also attacks Hayes/Stock’s proposal, which equates to a regressive carbon tax that will harm all Americans, but particularly those with lower incomes and on fixed incomes

If you have any question about this, please contact me at 202-463-2642 or ngravatt@nma.org.