Denver Post Op Ed: CMA Takes Aim at EPA Carbon Proposal

In a guest commentary published in the Sunday, July 27 edition of the Denver Post, CMA President Stuart Sanderson took aim at the EPA’s carbon proposal, stating that it would result in job losses and higher  electricity rates in Colorado and the United States.  And, he added, it won’t do a thing to reverse the effects of “climate change.”

An excerpt from the column cites a recent Harris poll which “found that more than three-quarters of Americans worry that proposed EPA policies to eliminate coal-generated electricity – the most abundant and affordable source – will produce higher electricity prices.  But hardest hit will be states like Colorado that rely heavily on coal for affordable electricity. Coal-based power plants generate about 64 percent of Colorado’s electricity. And the EPA’s rule is coming after them. Previous EPA regulations have already forced 20 percent of the nation’s coal plant capacity to close, pushing the reliability of the power grid close to the edge.

Worse yet,  the rule will produce nothing in the way of claimed benefits to the environment. According to the EPA’s own analysis, the rule’s impact on climate change is minuscule – a reduction in global warming of less than 1/20th of 1 degree Fahrenheit. Only a Washington, D.C., bureaucracy would find these “benefits” worthwhile.”

Click here to access the column.    EPA’s rule on carbon will hurt Colorado on Page 4D of Sunday, July 27, 2014 issue of The Denver Post