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Minerals Make Life

MAY 15, 2014

Dear Stuart,

This week is National Transportation Week and I want to underscore the importance of minerals to the entire transportation industry – from hybrid vehicles and electric cars to military Humvees and heavy-duty trucks.

It’s no secret that minerals are driving the automotive industry forward. For example, aluminum is helping to make car frames lighter and improve gas mileage, while lithium is being used to make hybrid vehicle batteries more efficient. Our nation’s military transport also relies heavily on minerals like beryllium, which is used in helicopters and armored vehicles, as well as rare earths and silver, which are found in various technologies that optimize aircraft capabilities. 


As the industry continues to expand and evolve, companies will no doubt require greater amounts of minerals to continue production and implement increasingly advanced vehicle technologies.  Next generation transportation will require a greater diversity and quantity of minerals in order to bring new cars, trucks and other modes of transportation to the marketplace. 

To ensure continued growth and innovation in the transportation industry, we must secure ample supplies of these critical raw materials. Fortunately, the U.S. is home to $6.2 trillion worth of minerals and metals.  It’s time that Congress streamlines the minerals mining permitting process -while maintaining environmental safeguards – to support economic growth and American innovation.

I invite you to learn more about the importance of minerals to the transportation industry by visiting our Minerals Make Life blog.

Best regards, 

Hal Quinn



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