Thoughts on the Elk Creek Mine Shutdown – Aspen Public Radio Story

The Colorado Mining Association sincerely regrets the circumstances that have led to the cessation of operations at the Elk Creek Mine.   Mining is a challenging business but one that creates more than $6 billion in value for Colorado and more than 57,000 jobs.    The effects of a mine shut down are far and wide, as this segment demonstrates.   Local communities will feel the impacts through lower property values, unemployment and loss of revenues and taxes from production.    Given the challenges we already face, it is incomprehensible that the Obama administration and some other politicians here in Colorado are suggesting that we turn away from coal.    But that is exactly what is being done with the Obama EPA greenhouse gas regulations.   These rules would prohibit new coal power plants and impact half a million jobs nationwide.   That is the wrong approach. This business is tough enough without government intervention and manipulation of energy markets.