New “Mining in America” Gallery

at  the

National  Mining  Hall  of  Fame  &  Museum


Leadville,  Colorado

The Colorado Mining Exhibit Foundation of Lakewood (the 2008 Prazen Award winner) has sponsored and set up a new exhibit at the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum.  The project presents information and graphics on most minerals mined in our country, and most American mining regions. The exhibit is an example of how mineral industry outreach groups can cooperate to maximize impact on target audiences – – in this case civic minded people who visit museums, and tend to be voters – – plus teachers.

The Foundation paid for new wiring and lighting (in the 110 year old building) plus provided posters and graphics to help make the museum truly a national mining venue.  Interactive electronics will be added in 2014.  Also highlighted is the new SME web site < >.  The function of the gallery is to help answer the museum visitor’s question: “Now that I have learned about mining in the past, what about modern mining and reclamation?”

CMEF is always working to expand partnerships with mineral industry groups such as NMA, MMSA, SME, CMA and science teacher organizations such as the NSTA.  If you would like to help with funds, displays, large mineral samples, and/or volunteer time contact:

Guy Johnson, Exhibit Coordinator

Colorado Mining Exhibit Foundation

568 South Carr Street

Lakewood, CO  80226

(303) 969 – 0365 or