CMA Statement In Response to President Obama’s Speech on Reducing Carbon Emissions


CMA fully supports the statement of National Mining Association President Hal Quinn in response to President’ Obama’s speech on reducing carbon emissions.

The proposed climate plan would threaten the high paying jobs held by the state’s more than 2,000 coal miners, who earn average wages and benefits in excess of $115,000 annually.   Coal mining accounts for nearly 24,000 jobs in Colorado overall, according to recent studies by the National Mining Association.   Coal mines also pay close to $60 million annually in federal coal royalties, half of which are returned to Colorado to support public schools.

We will review the Administration’s proposal carefully but note that any proposal to unilaterally reduce carbon emissions in the United States without participation by the rest of the world will accomplish nothing but harm to Colorado’s economy, job losses and lower revenues for governments and public schools. The world is turning to coal to generate electricity; in fact, coal is the fastest growing energy fuel source worldwide.

Colorado ranked 9th among the states in coal production in 2012, producing more than 29.4 million tons of clean, high quality coal that helps utilities meet the strict requirements of the Clean Air Act. Coal accounts for a substantial portion of Colorado’s electricity, and is a partner in providing reliable affordable electricity to Colorado.

Stuart Sanderson