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Coal & Mineral Production

The Total Value of Coal Produced in Colorado in 2012 is Estimated to be $1.1 Billion.

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  • In 2011, Colorado ranked 9th in coal production in the U.S.
  • Colorado coal mines produced 26.7 million tons of coal in 2011.



  • Colorado has 2,504 coal miners.
  • The average coal production is 8.52 tons per miner-hour, one of the most efficient rates in the nation.

Uses of Coal

  • Electricity generation in power plants
  • Cement and steel-making processes
  • Coalbed methane and coal gasification

Distribution and Consumption

  • 60% percent of Colorado’s coal is shipped by rail to Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Utah, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.
  • 13 Colorado power plants consumed 20 million tons of coal in 2008, generating 39 million megawatt-hours of electricity.  

Colorado Coal Quality

  • Coal produced in Colorado is low in sulfur and ash content.
  • Colorado’s “clean coal” can be used at power plants without the added cost of washing.
  • Colorado coal is also very low in mercury and arsenic.
  • Western U.S. coal contains less sulfur than eastern coal.


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